Mortgage giant Santander is continuing to anger longstanding mortgage borrowers by refusing to offer them the lower rates it makes available to new customers. Find out what we can offer to new customers looking to take out a new mortgage. Choose between 15 and 30 year Fixed Rate Mortgages from Santander ... A fixed rate mortgage ... fixed and adjustable rate mortgage products. Compare Santander Remortgage Rates - Independent Mortgage Broker - Call us for a FREE initial no obligation call on 0117 332 6064 - Best UK Mortgage Deals Existing Santander Mortgage Customers - find out about new mortgage offers or look for a new deal if you already have an existing mortgage with Santander. Do Are they good enough to make you switch? If youve an existing Halifax Mortgage and your current deal is coming to an end or you want to borrow more, have a look at our deals. From Friday, Santander will be supporting its existing mortgage holders who are looking to move home with a range of exclusive new products. Santander cuts mortgage rates for existing customers. ... existing Santander Isas. This is Money's mortgage ... we look forward to helping Santander customers to remain in their homes and to ... Should you hang on for cheaper mortgage rates? Change to a new mortgage deal if you're an existing Santander mortgage customer. Santander Mortgage Deals for Existing Customers strat from 1.09%. All mortgages: Santander mortgages include products for first time buyers, existing customers, home movers and customers wishing to move their mortgage to Santander Santander UK plc. Read Banks respond to record low Bank of England interest rate cut ... All of Santander's mortgage products linked to ... for existing customers. Barclays launches 'loyalty' mortgages for existing customers ... mortgage rates to existing customers. Santander slashes savings rates amid ongoing 123 speculation; Santander slashes savings rates amid ongoing 123 speculation. Find your mortgage today. ... rates for existing customers ... and discount rates linked to them. Santander's new ISAs are reserved for existing customers. Are you a current customer of Mortgage Express and need to make an enquiry about repayments? Looking for the Mortgage Express Contact Number? ... though existing customers' rates Santander: 'You can't afford our cheaper mortgages Banks are forcing 'risky' borrowers into paying higher mortgage rates. Santander will now help borrowers switch to a lifetime mortgage with rates starting at just 2.96% Compare Santander Remortgage Rates & Mortgage Rates online against the Whole Mortgage Market including Mortgage Broker Exclusive Rates. From tomorrow Santander will be supporting its existing mortgage holders who are looking to move home with a range of exclusive new products. Find out what options are available to get a new mortgage deal with Santander. Santander for Intermediaries is a brand of Santander UK plc and is not a regulated company. An increasing one-size-doesn't-fit-all approach means some mortgage lenders can offer deals that are better than the headline rates We're rewarding our loyal customers with extra value, look out for 1|2|3 World customers have access to a range of preferential rates and special deals: Find out the latest mortgage rates and mortgaging options online for existing customers. We can assess and secure your Santander mortgage rate online immediately. Get a mortgage by video: Banking giant Santander is latest to launch online interviews for home loans.